White Guinea Pig – Black and Brown Crested Guinea Pigs

White guinea pigs are quite similar to their albino counterparts, but they are actually completely different breeds. The eyes, coat, and other features of white guinea pigs make them easy to distinguish. If you plan on raising a guinea pig, you should find out what to look for in a white guinea pig. Read on to learn more.

White-Guinea-Pigs-2 White Guinea Pig - Black and Brown Crested Guinea Pigs

Lethal white guinea pigs

What is a Lethal White Guinea Pig? These guinea pigs are born white and may have red eyes. Some have less pigmentation and smaller eyes, but not all are lethal whites. They can also have deafness, blindness, or both. They may also be smaller than normal, and their overall health and behavior may be affected. Ultimately, this can lead to their premature death.

In addition to being white in color, lethal whites have other unusual physical characteristics. Their eyes and jaw are underdeveloped, and they have underdeveloped ribs. They may need syringe feeding. Their shortened lifespans make them an excellent candidates for adoption. Lethal whites are difficult to care for, and they will require special care. Lethal whites are rare. To find one, check for any of these signs.

If your guinea pig wheezes frequently, it is likely he is a lethal white. He or she may be deaf and have poor eyesight. If this is the case, you should take the animal to a vet for evaluation. A lethal white can be a troublesome guinea pig if it is incredibly thin or small. A lethal white pig’s eyes are a sign of dental issues, but they do not necessarily mean it’s blind.

A Lethal White guinea pig can be very sweet and affectionate, but its health can’t be guaranteed. They need special attention, and can’t live without love and affection. They aren’t suitable for everyone, however. If you have a few minutes to spare each day, you can make a small contribution to the welfare of the lethal white. But don’t breed too many! You may end up with a litter full of lethal white guinea pigs and no one will be able to care for them.

White-Guinea-Pigs White Guinea Pig - Black and Brown Crested Guinea Pigs

Abyssinian guinea pigs

Among the most beautiful guinea pigs, Abyssinians have large rosettes and are incredibly cute. Show-quality Abyssinians will have two to four rosettes on the shoulders and back, and two or four on each side of the hip. Regardless of symmetry, these guinea pigs are adorable. Abyssinians have white bodies and black or brown patches on their faces.

Like other guinea pig breeds, Abyssinians are social creatures and need to interact with other pets and people. While they are not difficult to train, they need a lot of attention to be properly socialized. While male Abyssinians are more outgoing than female Abyssinians, the personality of each individual guinea pig also influences their friendliness.

The longer fur of Abyssinians makes them particularly vulnerable to hot weather. This means that they need to be kept cool and provide toys for them to play with. If the weather is particularly hot, they also need to be given baths and a fan to keep cool. The longer they live, the higher their health risks. Abyssinians live for four to eight years, but the life span can vary depending on their genetics and other factors.

Abyssinians-guinea-pigs White Guinea Pig - Black and Brown Crested Guinea Pigs

Unlike some other guinea pigs, the Abyssinian has a relatively healthy lifespan. Most live between five and seven years. While this is an excellent lifespan for a pet guinea pig, they are not immune to illnesses and can get bumblefoot, which is an infection of the feet. Bumblefoot can also cause loss of hair on the feet and a general lack of appetite.

Skinny guinea pigs

There are many advantages to having skinny guinea pigs in your pet collection. This unusual breed of a guinea pig is almost completely hairless and has a very similar diet and lifestyle to the regular guinea pig. In fact, hairlessness in skinny pigs has been associated with a spontaneous genetic mutation that happened in 1978. While it may be hard to tell the difference between skinny pigs and normal guinea pigs, they are equally adorable.

Skinny guinea pig breeds need less grooming than other guinea pig breeds. They are gentler to touch and are less likely to be injured by accidental drops or rough handling. They don’t need to be bathed too often, but their skin is extremely sensitive and needs protection from oils and dirt. The most important aspect of caring for skinny guinea pigs is their love of company.

While you should feed your skinny guinea pigs fresh grass and Timothy hay, they are more likely to develop the baldness gene than other guinea pigs. Both types of hay are good for skinny guinea pigs. Alfalfa hay is better for young, pregnant, or nursing cavies. Avoid a diet too rich in calcium for adult cavies, but fresh grass will provide a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Skinny-guinea-pigs White Guinea Pig - Black and Brown Crested Guinea Pigs

There are many breeds of Skinny guinea pigs. Unlike their hairy cousins, they are less likely to cause fur allergies. The main cause of guinea pig allergic reactions is dead skin cells, also known as dander. Some breeds have colored faces, ears, and feet, while others have solid-colored bodies.

Agouti guinea pigs

The common color for guinea pigs is white. However, the breed is also available in various other colors. The “agouti” pattern of guinea pigs has a different base color from the tip of its tail. The base color is usually brown or red. The other common color of this breed is black. This breed has wide patches of black and white. The head of this breed is short and slightly convex.

A white Agouti has a distinctive ticking pattern and a smooth, even coat. The ticking is distinct and creates a banded effect on the body of this guinea pig. The hair is protected by solid black guard hairs, so you should remove them before showing them. The body shape of an Agouti is similar to a Self guinea pig’s, with a prominent shoulder and bold eyes.

The crest is a distinctive feature of this breed. The hairs on the crest are longer than those on the rest of the body. Coronets have a coat similar to a Silkie, but the crest should grow up the back, not down. During their lifetime, the crest should be straight and symmetrical. It should also be neatly arranged. While they do not shed, they do need daily grooming.

Agouti-guinea-pigs White Guinea Pig - Black and Brown Crested Guinea Pigs

The hairless guinea pigs are a genetic variation of the white-crested golden agouti. They are the largest breed and are the easiest to care for. These animals appreciate being stroked and brushed. A standard guinea pig diet is appropriate for these animals. You can also feed them fresh fruits and vegetables. You can supplement the diet with vitamin c. Keeping the cage clean is another important part of caring for your guinea pig.

Abyssinian guinea pig life expectancy

Abyssinians are a popular breed of domestic cavies. These guinea pigs have short, wavy fur and resemble other types of short-haired cavies. Their fur is also curled into rosette patterns. There are many variations of the Abyssinian’s coat color, with some exhibiting salt and pepper appearance.

Although they are not as small as other types of guinea pigs, Abyssinians are still adorable and require similar care as other varieties. They enjoy a higher level of attention than other types of guinea pigs and get bored easily if they do not have any companionship. If their basic needs are not met, they may become depressed and may not respond to being petted.

However, there are a few health issues to be aware of, including the fact that Abyssinians are unable to produce vitamin C, making them more susceptible to diabetes. You should also limit the number of treats and toys that you give them since a large amount of these treats can cause problems. Abyssinians are also prone to foot infections, such as bumblefoot, so be sure to keep a close eye on them.

Abyssinians are considered to be among the oldest varieties of guinea pigs and have a distinctly unkempt appearance. Their long, wavy coat is difficult to brush and can become matted if not brushed regularly. However, these guinea pigs are very fun and cuddly! You can buy a few today.

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