Long Armed Monkeys – Fun Facts

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Long Armed Monkeys, Gibbons is the longest-armed primates. This fact is not surprising because Gibbons have long arms, shorter forelimbs, and dagger-like canine teeth. They are also great swimmers, and their short forelimbs allow them to swing easily. However, if you’re wondering how long their arms are, read on for a fun fact about gibbons.

Animals With Eyebrows – Top 5

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Animals With Eyebrows; Did you know that there are a lot of animals with eyebrows? Here are just a few of them. Horses and camels are common examples, but if you’re interested in a more unusual animal, you can learn about rockhopper penguins! You’ll be surprised at how many creatures have eyebrows! Here are some

List Of Spring Animals **2022

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List of Spring Animals, The birds are one of the most iconic animals of spring, fluttering about in their happy revelry. From their fluffy feathers to their demanding tweets, they are cute and deserve to top any list of spring animals. Here is a list of some of the most common spring birds, along with

Dog Ear Wax Color Chart – Ear Infection Drainage

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Dog Ear Wax Color Chart; Many dogs struggle to distinguish the differences between the colors and wonder if they have an ear infection. There are many different causes of dog ear infections. Learn how to identify the different colors of dog ear wax to prevent a vet visit. The chart below contains information on what

iCare Pet Thermometer Review **2022

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Unlike traditional human thermometers, iCare pet thermometers are non-contact, lightweight, and quiet. Using a pet thermometer can help you rebuild your relationship with your dog or cat. With large, light-up lettering and memory that holds up to 32 measurements, it makes checking your pet’s temperature a breeze. Here’s a closer look at this thermometer. Using