Round Bale Feeder For Horses

Round-Bale-Feeder-For-Horses-3-300x300 Round Bale Feeder For Horses

Round Bale Feeder For Horses, If you’re looking to buy a round bale feeder for your horse, there are a few different models to consider. I’ll briefly discuss Cashman’s Heavy Duty Round Bale Pasture Feeder and the CountyLine Equine Pro before discussing the Hay hut. Read on to see which horse feeder is the best

Animals With Bad Memory

Squirrel-monkeys-300x300 Animals With Bad Memory

Animals With Bad Memory, There are a variety of animals with poor memory. Some have the ability to recall anything they have seen, heard, or experienced for a short period of time, but others have a more long-term memory and are able to remember specific things over a longer period of time. Each species varies

Peacock and Peafowl

Peakcock-and-Peafowl-2-300x300 Peacock and Peafowl

When you decide to raise Peacock as a pet, you will need to make sure you take good care of it. Peafowl is omnivores and can eat a variety of foods, including grains, vegetables, seeds, and even meaty things like worms and grubs. You will also need to provide fresh water for them, as they

Skunk Smell in House Dangerous

Skunk-Smell-in-House-Dangerous-300x300 Skunk Smell in House Dangerous

Is a Skunk Smell in House Dangerous? If you have been woken up by a skunk smell in your home, you may be wondering if it is poisonous or not. The short answer is that skunk spray is not poisonous, but can cause breathing problems, nausea, and temporary blindness. If you smell a skunk odor

Craigslist Horses for Sale – How to Find the Best Deals ?

craigslist-horses-for-sale-5-300x300 Craigslist Horses for Sale - How to Find the Best Deals ?

Craigslist horses for sale ad is usually fairly straightforward, but there are some things you should know before you buy one. For example, a stallion advertised as a “kid-broke” horse may actually be an aged, untrained stallion with indeterminate breeding. Also, don’t be fooled by “seller’s agent” claims, as they may be a scam. Untrained,

Animals With Long Tails

african-ring-tailed-lemur-300x300 Animals With Long Tails

Amazing Animals With Long Tails – If you’re fascinated by the disproportionate length of animal tails, you’ve probably already come across the Angola colobus. However, you’re probably wondering how the ring-tailed lemur, Asian grass lizard, and Malabar giant squirrel manage to have such long tails. Read on to discover some amazing facts about these long-tailed

Animals With Human Teeth

piranhas-teeth-300x300 Animals With Human Teeth

Animals With Human Teeth, There are many animal species with human-like teeth, but not all of them are carnivores. Hippopotamus has the longest canine teeth of all land animals, and Elephants have incisors that resemble human teeth. Skunks have prominent canines and sharp incisors. If you have ever wondered what animal had the longest canine

Long Neck Animals – What Animals Have a Long Neck?

long-neck-animals-300x300 Long Neck Animals - What Animals Have a Long Neck?

Examples of Long Neck Animals; It might seem impossible for a long-necked animal to survive, but this isn’t true. Many animals with long necks use them to their advantage – either to catch prey or to protect themselves from predators. Because of their long necks, many of these creatures can live quite long lives. What

What Are Sea Monkeys?

what-are-sea-monkeys-3-300x300 What Are Sea Monkeys?

Many people are now wondering what are sea monkeys? These mysterious creatures are so fascinating that you may wonder why you would want to own one! Some of the questions you’ll want to answer include: How do they reproduce? Can you buy one as a mail-order pet? Do they breathe through their feet? Are they

White Guinea Pig – Black and Brown Crested Guinea Pigs

White-Guinea-Pigs-300x300 White Guinea Pig - Black and Brown Crested Guinea Pigs

White guinea pigs are quite similar to their albino counterparts, but they are actually completely different breeds. The eyes, coat, and other features of white guinea pigs make them easy to distinguish. If you plan on raising a guinea pig, you should find out what to look for in a white guinea pig. Read on