How to Care and Feed an American Cat?

domestic shorthair catThe domestic shorthair cat is a species of cat named after its short plumage. These hairs attract attention by not shedding much. For this reason, they do not need any other care than other cats. It is enough to comb your hair once a week, brush your teeth every day and cut your nails at night. Regular combing of the American cat in December is very helpful in developing the emotional bond between the cat and the owner. Decontamination of the domestic shorthair cat is a very important step in the development of the emotional bond between the cat and the owner.

The domestic shorhair cat is a creature that is easy to care for personally, but requires thoroughness for feeding. Because American cats are known for their predisposition to obesity. This breed of cats; depending on age, weight or special health conditions, it can be fed with dry food or raw food. This type of cat is absolutely not fed with dry or wet food. However, at this point it is necessary to pay close attention to the cat’s weight control.