Domestic shorthair highly intelligent cats

domestic-shorthair-cats-1 Domestic shorthair highly intelligent cats

Domestic shorthair cats are one of the most intelligent breeds of cats, and this is largely due to their natural reproduction without human intervention, which means that they have a larger genetic pool.

These highly intelligent breeds of cats learn very quickly and react quickly when their names are called. Because they have a sharp memory.

At one time, American shorthair and Native shorthair were classified as the same. Until 1996, this did not change, and the American shorthair was classified according to its breed.

The most important difference between a purebred American shorthair and a native shorthair is the physical characteristics.

Domestic shorthair produces a cat litter with the same characteristics, temperament, and coat quality. But with domestic shorthair, puppies from the same litter also look and behave differently.

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