Domestic shorthair cat physical characteristics

After migrating from Europe to America, American cats entered the process of adaptation. The plumage of these creatures, which has developed depending on climatic conditions, has thickened. The domestic shorthair cat, belonging to the class of “big cats”, has an athletic build. To maintain their athletic structure, cats should play at least half an hour a day. They like to play with laser light, ball and balloon. Cats with a large head and large breasts have an average weight of 4-5 kilograms. If you weigh 6-7 Kilograms, you should be taken to the vet and get professional support for the treatment of obesity.

domestic-shorthair-cats-3 Domestic shorthair cat physical characteristics

Domestic shorthair cats spend more than half the day asleep. The domestic shorthair, which likes to roll on the windowsill and in the garden, is energetic only during the game. Otherwise, they move slowly and are often displaced. The legs of these cats, which have an agile structure, are quite strong. You can jump very high and run very fast.

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