Domestic Shorthair Cat Care and Features

Domestic shorthair cat, with its highly intelligent personalities, first emerged in 1620 on a cruise from England to the Atlantic Ocean. Domestic shorthair cat, which has a reputation for eliminating rodents, was notorious for its worker status on ship voyages in those years. Officially, in 1906, it succeeded in being among the cat breeds.

Domestic Shorthair Cat Personality

Domestic shorthair cat has the distinction of being one of the most advanced hunting cat breeds on earth. Although these aspects have developed instinctively since their existence, they are known for their very calm and affectionate personality. Domestic shorthair cat, which is a complete family cat, is very happy to interact with people.

domestic-shorthair-cat-1 Domestic Shorthair Cat Care and Features

Domestic shorthair cat, which attaches great importance to comfort, can usually spend most of the day resting by curling up on a sofa or armchair in a corner of the house. In addition, with his curious personality, he does not neglect to wander around the house and follow his owner. With all these features, it is known for its good-natured, affectionate and gentle personality among domestic shorthair cat species.

Domestic Shorthair Cat Appearance

Domestic shorthair is a very strong cat breed with a muscular body structure. It can move very fast in order to easily catch its prey. Domestic shorthair, which is quite agile, has highly developed jumping, jumping and climbing abilities.

domestic-shorthair-cat-2 Domestic Shorthair Cat Care and Features

Domestic shorthair, which can be seen in different colors and patterns, has 60 different colors. Usually silver is the most popular of all colors. The rounded ear structure and large eyes add a sweet appearance to the domestic shorthair. In addition, it can reach a weight of 7 to 12 kilograms with its full cheeks and large head structure.

Domestic Shorthair Cat Care

Domestic Shorthair care will be quite effortless and easy. Dead hair should be combed weekly with a cat comb or cat brush. You need to do the combing method, which is the most practical way to prevent hair loss, more often in spring and summer. Cat scratching is seen as the most practical solution for nail care. In addition, it will be sufficient to apply to the cat hairdresser for a detailed hair care.

domestic-shorthair-cat-3 Domestic Shorthair Cat Care and Features

After reaching a certain maturity, you should acquire the habit of regular tooth brushing against the risk of periodontal disease. In addition, regular veterinary control and vaccination procedures should be provided against the risk of infection in the ears.

Domestic Shorthair Cat Health Status

Among the cat breeds, the domestic shorthair is a fairly healthy and long-dec species. Although it is not clear whether domestic shorthair carries a known genetic disease, with an average life expectancy of 15 to 20 years, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with heart disease can be observed in some types of it.

domestic-shorthair-cat-4 Domestic Shorthair Cat Care and Features

Domestic shorthair carries out quite uncontrolled consumption in terms of nutrition. This condition can cause him to gain weight in a short time and become obese. In order to prevent this situation, december will be right to eat quality cat food with regular meals and intervals. For domestic shorthairs with a weight above normal, you can perform a diet food application under the supervision of a doctor. You need to keep fit with exercise and moving games.

Communication of Domestic Shorthair Cats with Children and Pets

Domestic shorthair is one of the most ideal types of cats for families with children. This species, which can live in harmony with its family members, also plays a very effective role in child development. Especially with young children, the actress and her kind personality ensure that she always remains kind. It also has the ability to accompany children even to their night sleep without harming them.

domestic-shorthair-cat-5 Domestic Shorthair Cat Care and Features

Domestic shorthair, which can get along dec with birds, especially dogs and cats, has a personality suitable for coexistence with other pets. If he shares the same environment from a young age, he becomes a complete dog friend. Respectful and kind personality domestic shorthair has a unique structure that is always closely interested in people.

Domestic Shorthair Cat Characteristics

Domestic shorthair is a fairly strong cat species with a medium-sized muscular and plump bone structure.
Their skin is covered with rather dense and thick hairs and has a hard structure. Because this situation more shed feathers.
Yesil’s eyes are green, blue, hazel and copper shades.
Although domestic shorthair, which likes to be alone, has a developed player identity, it also enjoys playing on its own. This indicates that they do not expect much attention from the owners.
Domestic shorthair, which attaches great importance to comfort, likes to relax in a corner of the house with its calm and docile structure.
The fact that it can live quite harmoniously with people and animals makes the domestic shorthair one of the most popular cat breeds.
Domestic shorthair, which has developed the ability to hunt instinctively, is the most effective solution for eliminating mouse problems in your home.

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